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Positive behaviour for learning (PBL)

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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a proactive whole school approach for creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate in which students can learn and develop. This approach involves the whole school community working together to create a positive learning environment. It allows students to learn academically and socially. 

At Blaxland East Public School we are dedicated to promoting our core values of being respectful, excellence always, participating courageously and serving others, within our whole school community through:

  • Increasing the consistent use of positive teaching and reinforcement strategies among all school staff at school-wide classroom and individual student levels
  • Reducing the use of reactive discipline measures in our school for all students
  • Increasing data-based decision making about behaviour, teaching and learning, across all school settings
  • Implementing effective comprehensive supports and interventions for students with behaviour and emotional needs

PBL Systems at Blaxland East Public School 

1. Free and Frequent Tokens

Our new school PBL token is a called a Warin, which is Dharug for Rainbow Lorikeet. Our Warin is called Lori. When a child has been seen being respectful, demonstrating excellence, participating courageously or serving others in the playground areas of our school, they will be given a Lori. The child’s name will be written on the back, then placed in the class box. At assembly, a Lori will be drawn from each class. These students will receive a lolly pop.

Twice a term at our Aussie of the Month Assembly, there will be a Big Bucket winner from K-2 and 3-6. The lucky winner from each bucket will receive a $5 canteen voucher.

All of the Loris will then be placed in a combined school container. When this reaches an agreed level the whole school will receive an award determined by the Student Representative Council, in conjunction with staff and the Principal.

2. Merit Certificates

Class merit certificates will be given out at K-2 and 3-6 assemblies. Children can also receive a merit certificate during Library, Fitness and other specialist lessons. 

3. Bird Awards

Each child has a sticker/reward chart that is kept in their classroom. Class merit certificates come with 4 Blaxland East Public School stickers for the sticker charts, and specialist lessons merits receive 2 Blaxland East Public School stickers for the charts.  For every 10 stickers a child earns, they will be presented with a PBL bird award at the next awards assembly. 

When your child has collected all four bird awards, they will receive the Rainbow Lorikeet award. This is the highest honour for children to receive and they will also receive a Rainbow Lorikeet badge.

4. Student Behaviour Management Process

A Student Behaviour Management Process has also been implemented. We have introduced yellow and red slips. Children are being taught during weekly PBL lessons the expected behaviours for playground and classroom settings. A yellow slip is classified as a minor behaviour and red slip as major behaviour.

Student Behaviour Management Process (PDF 277KB)

Please see this Positive Behaviour for Learning information to learn more about PBL at Blaxland East Public School. 

All expected behaviours for our school are outlined on the Blaxland East Public School PBL Expectations Teaching Matrix. Please familiarise yourselves with the expectations in all areas of our school. Our core values underpin the framework of PBL at Blaxland East Public School. All behaviours are taught explicitly and repeatedly throughout the year.

Example of PBL sticker chart